Enjoyment & Benefits of Using a Credit Card

Consumers are now increasingly spoiled by the facilities of a payment system by means of credit. Various conveniences, comfort, and even the benefits offered, more and more people are applying for credit cards to banks as one of the tools that can be used in conducting transactions. Facilities, advertisements and promotions of various products with credit system payments often provide more time for consumers to be able to pay/repay product bills that they must pay at 0% interest, in addition to promotions from points with prizes for members/credit card holders concerned. Of course, every offer and gift given varies depending on the credit card of the bank that issued it. This also sometimes makes many people not only have one credit card but up to two or even more because of the various facilities and convenience provided.

Various items can now be purchased by consumers using credit cards, from goods shopping for daily necessities to gadget products, motorcycles, to cars. By using a credit card, consumers are spoiled to be able to use the products they are interested in without having to pay off the goods in advance. They only have to pay installments every month at a cost that is quite cheap depending on the period of payment / repayment.

But, have you ever imagined when one time the credit card holder is in the process of time installments, but it turns out he cannot make installment payments because the source of income is disrupted such as experiencing increased needs, deferred salary or even Termination of Employment (PHK) to bankruptcy? Some of the unexpected events above can just happen and when that happens, the bank, leasing, or other producers can take the goods that we have repaid and finally we suffer losses because we cannot pay the installment fee.

Of course you don’t want to experience it right? However, if that happens to you, what will you do? Here are some ways you can do when an event like the explanation above happens to you or your colleague.

1 Credit Restructuring

Credit Restructuring

The first way to consider is to use a credit restructuring facility. In this way, you can change the installment payment system by reducing the interest that must be paid from the goods bill, extending the repayment time or making late payment installments. You need to have clear reasons and be able to consult cooperatively in applying for a loan restructuring because not anyone can do it. Some of the conditions that are usually assessed so that credit restructuring gets approval include, the debtor has a payment history that is smooth and has good business prospects besides the reason for not being able to pay monthly installments.

In addition, an assessment of the debtor’s honesty regarding the reasons for filing a credit restructuring is also one of its own judgments. The procedures and mechanisms for credit restructuring are regulated in Bank Indonesia regulations Number 14 / 15.PBI / 2012.

2 Credit Refinancing

2 Credit Refinancing

The next way you can consider is Credit Refinancing . This one alternative gives you the opportunity to apply for a new money loan with the reason to cover the debt from the previous credit. In other words, you add debt but your profits get new funds and thus you can use them as a new business tool to pay off previous debts. If you use alternative refinancing credit, you need a well-planned plan considering that this alternative adds to your new debt, but there is the next advantage is that you don’t get a blacklist from the bank and you still have the trust to apply for a credit without a blacklist month with a smaller bill. However, even though there are some advantages above, there are additional fees that are charged in the process of making a credit refinancing application and the interest rate will be greater than before if you experience a delay in payment.

Be reminded again if you want to take this one alternative to overcome your bad credit application, you need to think more carefully because there is a significant impact, that is if you experience a failure again in paying off the debt, with great regret you cannot apply with any type too. That is, you have two types of credit debt with a fine amount that will be far greater than the previous fine.

3 Over Credit

The next alternative that you can do in order to overcome your bad credit is to do over credit. Many people have used over credit for their items including motorbikes or cars. By doing over credit, you sell goods as well as credit installments. Usually for those who are accustomed to over credit, they get a distinct advantage in doing so. Therefore, today many people do business with a system of over credit . If you want to intend to be free of credit bills, you can make this alternative.

Wisdom in Using a Credit Card

Wisdom in Using a Credit Card

By doing these methods, of course you can avoid the problem of congestion payments every month. In other words, you can complete the remaining payments smoothly and without any problems. However, if you want to make a payment by credit card, it would be nice to think about it wisely.